What is happening when your phone die?



We’ve all felt the pain. We’ve all been through the painstaking grief and the nauseating heartache that comes when the unthinkable happens – your phone hits zero.Yes, today we’re talking about a hot topic in the world of technology. Today, we look at how letting your phone’s battery run down to the point of death can make you completely miserable, and just what you can do to make sure you never have to go through such pain ever again.

When your phone shut down,you may feeling like this (the following picture). It's like your hands are tied.Then you didn't do anything makes you happy. It's so funny,right? hhhh...

1.Denial – This stage is the most difficult of them all, and can start long before your phone officially dies. In fact, it can start as early as the first flash of ‘low battery!’ on your beloved screen. For those of us who are more hardcore in our phone usage, even a 50% battery life can make our hearts drop! You’ll start to deny all knowledge that your phone is close to death. You’ll shut down some apps, lower the brightness, switch off Bluetooth and maybe even go as far as cutting off mobile data to some of your best loved apps. Whatever happens, you will not lose that last 20%.

 2.Anger - … Except you just did, and now you’re left with a lump of metal that is completely useless to you. Users with the iPhone 7 or above don’t even have the satisfaction of a clicking button when there’s no battery life, so you can forget boredom-fixes. This is where the anger kicks in. You start to blame all of those notifications you got before your phone died. Maybe if your friend hadn’t of texted you so many times, or you didn’t have that call asking what you want for dinner, your phone would still be alive, dammit!

3.Bargaining – This is where it gets a little pitiful. In fact, this is the point where desperation kicks in and you start going to every possible place that might have a plug and a charger that you can use! You might even debate on finding a shop and buying a brand new charger just so you can charge up your device at the nearest McDonalds.

4.Depression – Depression. Okay, maybe this might sound extreme, but when your phone dies, you’re left without contact with the outside world – or at least, those in said outside world that you actually want to talk to. Nothing could be worse. Your day is ruined, your entire week is ruined. In fact, your whole year is ruined because your stupid phone couldn’t hold on for just a little longer.

5.Acceptance – But then we come to acceptance. Your phone is off, there’s nothing you can do about it until you get home and maybe you don’t need to play Crossy Road on the bus ride back to your front door. Maybe you could enjoy the view, or people watch. This is just what happens with phones and there’s nothing we can do to fix it. Or is there?  


But you just need a phone charger and a cup of coffee,all of this emotion will get away from you!



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