Golden monkey say goodbye to a year, to realize the dream escort; The golden phoenix greets the spring, the head vibrates the wing to sing the east wind.


            On January 16, 2017, shenzhen jiada electronics co., LTD. 2017 New Year's eve party was held in ganzhou manufacturing base, the New Year's eve party in order to "keep improving, quality win" as the theme, the chairman Mr WuQun lake, general manager Mr Jaco, deputy general manager Mr WuQun ocean and red jiada all sales elite, colleagues attended the party together, jointly review 2016 years of development, together to look forward to a better 2017.


The leader raised a glass to congratulate the New Year


                Reunion dinner site      



                In order to thank all the staff for a year of hard work, 17:30 PM xu, all ruijia da da in ganzhou manufacturing base gathered together, celebrate 2017 New Year dinner, chairman wu qunhu, general manager zhang bo, deputy general manager wu qunyang at the beginning of the dinner made a New Year's toast, wish everyone in the New Year work smoothly! Happy family!


The party site




            Party begins to show team morale, by the managers and engineers to form the morale of the show, on the stage shows jiada's energy, attention, at ease, straddles and morale display, each embodies the spirit of the management team morale and hard pragmatic work style, "wholeheartedly for customer service!" The resounding slogan, repeated and high morale morale, also more reflects the company to "service" as the firm belief of the product! More reflect the ruijada management team for the development of 2017, they! Ready!


   Team morale display




            The New Year's eve party around the "paranoid service, customer first" for the idea, rui jiada WuQun lake in the annual meeting of the chairman, said in a speech in 2016 for red jiada, is remarkable for a year, was the organizational restructuring, is the company's business based foundation year again, the development of the whole show a healthy development and steady. At the annual meeting, dong wu also summarized the company's work situation in 2016 and work plan in 2017, affirming everyone's work in 2016, and expressing gratitude for the hard work of the employees, hoping to make continuous efforts to make great achievements in 2017.


Chairman wu qun hu's New Year's speech


           On the spot of the evening party, elites from all departments showed their talents and performed actively. The members of the power manufacturing department bring tianzhu dance "happy dance". The music is pleasant and the dancing moves are colorful, giving people a mysterious heaven of tianzhu. Zhong fulan of power manufacturing department sang "blue lotus flower", and liu zuyang of operation management department sang "victory hands creation", which inspired the scene with joyful and passionate songs. The "double spring" brought by hai and he renli, directors of human resources department, is humorous and funny with constant laughter. The "my SHOW" program of the handsome men and beautiful women of power manufacturing department shows us an age of making public individuality, which is a stage to release the hot youth; The staff dance of the quality department, "little apple", and the operation management department, "the king calls me to tour the mountains", are lively, creative and enthusiastic. Out of the supporting part of the chorus "loyalty to the country", magnificent, soul-stirring, exciting. The atmosphere was unusually warm, and the applause and applause continued. The performance was exquisite and the scene was filled with cheers.



moderator for opening remarks


Dance "happy dance"

Girl solo "blue lotus"


Dance "little apple"


repeat the lip language


Boy solo from "winning hands"





Dance "the king calls me to tour the mountains"


Chorus "loyalty to the country"




          The party also plans to employees of interactive games, "whether a circle" and "soul", is the icing on the cake for the party, the two games are embodies the team cooperation ability, showing the luck fine strong cohesion and combining ability of personnel, in with the cooperation of participants, the two games achieved satisfactory results, all of the people to participate in interactive games are won a delicate gift to show encouragement. Let everyone live a different annual meeting, feel the warmth of ruijada family.



Interactive game "circle to the end"

Interactive game "heart to heart"



              During the evening party, there are also the long awaited lucky draw link, as a prize was drawn out, the scene burst out of the audience waves of cheerful applause. Sweepstakes and programs in the process of cross to the party this evening, sweepstakes accounted for a large part of the company chairman and general manager for employees a year of hard work and effort, the party in addition to arrange the first prize, second prize, third prize and surprise prize, the show finally still take out cash to employees draw alone, on-site staff excited, fill their carts.


lucky draw


lucky draw


Winners of the program performance




             At the end of the party, the company announced the list of "service stars" of 2016, and commended the service stars of 2016. Mr. Wu qunhu, chairman of the board, and Mr. Zhang bo, general manager, presented awards and took photos with the winners, which reflected the humanistic care of the company leaders and further promoted the corporate culture of "customer first, service oriented". Be grateful for their contributions and motivate all staff to keep up the good work. 


Leaders and service stars




             In the last part of the party, chairman wu qunhu and general manager zhang bo led the company's core management team members to the stage and made work commitments for 2017. Each core management member took this opportunity to take an oath at the party site to make a commitment to the New Year's work ideas and the overall goal of 2017! In the New Year, the management team members will not forget the original intention, adhere to customer-centric! Adhere to improve product quality! Adhere to improve the quality of service!


Sales elite sign commitment letter


On-site declaration of core management members




               The 2017 New Year's party ended in the laughter of everyone, ruijada wonderful just began! 2017 is a crucial year for us to set sail and improve our services. Opportunities are contained in this wonderful, New Year to open a new hope, a new journey bearing new dreams. In this belongs to ruijiada day, we cheer for ruijiada, ruijiada refueling! At the same time, we also believe that ruijiada all staff will go hand in hand, ruijiada enterprise tomorrow will be more prosperous.








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