Greening in action


Rewoda/Gan Zou reported


At noon on March 28, 2016, Ganzhou manufacturing Al Qaeda of more than 60 people in the human resources department of the organization, to carry out the obligations of weeding activities, this activity is mainly for green belt, building next to the weeds to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, improve the plant landscape effect, create a clean and comfortable working environment. 


Although the weather is hot, but the participants without complaint, hand tools actively involved in weeding action be in full swing. In order to improve work efficiency, we carried out a clear division of labor, a group of 10 people in the area to carry out weeding. In the process of labor, whether it is using tools or hand pull, all are not afraid of dirty tired, careful and meticulous, energetic. The weeding scene busy but not chaotic, in order, only less than one hour will be building next to the green belt, cleared of weeds, green plant environment effectively improve.



The duty to work fully embodies the good spirit and excellent quality of unity and cooperation of the staff of our company to be able to endure hardship, dare to sacrifice, but also exercise the staff physique, enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force. It is reported that in the future the company will not regularly organize such a meaningful collective voluntary labor, to make real contribution to the construction of enterprises.




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