Rewoda Staff Forum Report


Rewoda/Gan Zou reported

To build effective communication channels between employees and the company management, and effectively help the general staff to solve practical problems in their work and life, and create a good corporate culture. Reduce turnover rate, increase the sense of belonging and loyalty of employees, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, initiative, creativity. The company hold a monthly staff meeting, March 29th 18:00 in Ganzhou manufacturing base of integrated office multi-function room held up to Regal 2016 first staff meeting, general manager Wu, myself consultant Zhang Bo attended the forum.



In March 29, 2016 18:00 in Ganzhou base integrated office conference room held a staff meeting, from the manufacturing department of 15 people attended the forum, at the forum, we put forward questions and suggestions on the work and life, including Huang Dongfeng, Xu Junfeng and so on, there are some problems to put forward personal views and suggestions to find the problem, the staff should be encouraged, and each of us to learn.


The purpose of holding an employee forum is to help employees solve practical problems in their work and life, and to improve immediately, we also encourage and welcome to provide some good advice. Regal was adhering to the "pragmatic, focus, objectives, improve the" enterprise culture, all departments and personnel is to indirectly focus production line, production line, service improvement, direct target, and finally let the employee satisfaction, let each Master Regal working and living in happiness.





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